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Re: ~~Daily Chat Monday 6/28~~

ok Korin: you just made me EXTREMELY jealous!!!! I LOVE baths!! My tub is so short that the water doesn't even cover the boobies!!! I can't wait until we move and i can have my tub!!! DH and i took a bath together on our honeymoon, and we had rose petal and wine..*sigh* it was SO nice!!
and about ppl living wiht you: TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!! SIL and BIL lived with us for the last month and a half and just moved out a few weeks ago! It is so nice ot have the house back and i totally agree about the bra thing!!!

i made homemade doughnuts last friday they are SO good!!! and, i have been on a huge cookie dough kick ( i know, i know...salmonella.... its just SO GOOD!!) I bought a tube from the store and have been eating a few bites every night

he has dropped from the 75% down to the 5% in weight, and lost 2 pounds since he turned one (he is almost 16 months) He just decided that he doesn't want to eat matter what it is....even marshmallows! SO, he is on carnation instant start breakfast since he is still drinking lots of milk. for lunch though, i got him to eat noodles with alfredo sauce!! YAY!! he ate lots!! and now he is giving me a pat on the back and a hug love baby hugs!!

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