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Re: ~~Daily Chat Monday 6/28~~

Originally Posted by Mom2frick&frack View Post
Trying to catch up to you ladies again.

Cecili~Sorry about the jobs. And you have something very much in common with 2 of us on here. You, Jessica and I all have Feb 08 boys and are due again together in November. That's pretty awesome if you ask me!

Dang homemade doughnuts sound so yummy! Recipe please?????

We were so busy this weekend. DH, FIL and a friend all got our new tub/shower installed and working! YAY! Up until then we had to use the clawfoot with a sprayer attached to bathe. Not cool with no shower curtain. We had a corner shower stall and the claw foot tub and put the new tub combo where the old shower was. We can only do the bath in stages like that since we only have a 1 1/2 baths. So now that the new tub is up and working we can tear out the clawfoot and move the commode there and install 2 new sinks where the current sink and commode are. We still have to do all the drywall and it's bare studs above the new shower for now but we can still use it. Then sunday it was 92 with high humidity and my dumb butt decides that I just HAVE to weed the garden. I really did need to be done but I overdid it. Even taking regular breaks in the a/c and drinking tons of water I got a bit of heat exhaustion. My face was beat red all day and I got a bad headache for the rest of the day. Then couldn't sleep last night at all. I am not in good shape at work today!

One good thing about today.....

I go in tonight for my U/S!!!! Can't wait to see the baby! I am going to try so hard not to look for parts but DH is going to. I really hope we just do not see anything at all.

Off to finish this book while I eat my lunch. Talk to you all later! I hope you are all having wonderful Mondays!
I overdid it yesterday too. I think I was dehydrated and had heat exhaustion. NOT GOOD. I've had a pounding headache since then.

Hope your u/s goes well and the baby keeps it's little legs shut for you
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