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Re: ~~Daily Chat Monday 6/28~~

Cecili--does AR have a state virtual academy? GA does, and a friend of mine teaches via online so that she can also be a SAHM. I don't think it pays as well as a full time position, but it does free up their budget some. You may even be able to teach in a different state if it is online. Good luck with the search; I know how frustrating it can be. I work in a small district, and we're not replacing any of the teachers who left or retired. It's going to be rough next year.

Katie--yay on getting him to eat!

Heat--OMG, it's miserable here. The heat is in the mid-90s with indexes in the 100s. The upstairs A/C went out today, so DH called a repairman to come. Plus, we haven't had rain at our house in over a week. Our garden is drying up.

U/S--Good luck to everyone with an u/s or appt this week!

Names--we're arguing over names. Dh likes Julianna Sophia and I like Susannah Caroline. I think we are going to flip a coin and be done with it.

AFM--I had a 1 hour glucose test this morning--blech. Then I had to go to Target to return some stuff. Baby girl now has 3 outfits. My goal was to clean the upstairs closets, but w/o any air, that's not happening. I'm going to a Braves game tonight with friends from work, and I'm so excited to have a little me time. Dh is about to start marching band season, and he will be gone all the time. I'm also going to see Phantom of the Opera Thursday night with the same friends. One of the women received 4 tickets for Christmas, so we're making a night of it.
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