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Re: Dec. Bellies Daily Chat 6/28

Good Afternoon friends!
I've been awol all weekend, it's just been ridiculously busy, just taking a few moments out to peruse the boards.

Megan, LOVE the floors! Our new place has dark laminate flooring, but I really like the light!

Things are really coming along here.....Just about everything is packed, just some odds and ends and last minute stuff. today on the agenda is a deep clean of the kitchen, and maybe the bathroom if I feel up to it (however better to do it today, otherwise it's gonna be tomorrow, and there's already so much to do then! LOL) I'm feeling a little overwhelmed, and just want to crawl into bed and wake up and have it all over....However, can't do that! I'm trying to take it easy, but finding that there's just too much to be done to do that! DH is awesome, doing more than his share, but he's working and I'm home, so I just feel like I need to get it done. Oh well....two days and this will all be over! :P I'm trying to look at the bright side of getting into our house, but right now, it's hard to see! Anyways....probably won't be able to check in for a bit, but have a good week everyone!
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