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Re: anyone else scared about having the baby?

This will be baby number 5 for us. It wasn't planned, and we are both full time students living in my FIL's rental property (rent and utility free) so I'm terrified to tell our extended family. It's overwhelming, actually. We finally told our kids because I've been losing weight but my bump keeps getting bigger so it's quite noticeable.

I hope that once the fallout from telling my inlaws and parents is over I can focus on getting more excited. Thankfully the kids are all pretty pumped. DH is excited though he did think I should consider and abortion at first. Our sex life has become non-existant, I think I somehow worry I'll get "more pregnant" or something?

My house is a wasteland. My laundry is out of control, we share a basement laundry here at my FIL's rental which is a big old Tudor turned tri-plex so I can't wash everyday. With a family of 6 I really NEED to wash everyday. Good luck with CDing, huh?

So, I do feel your anxiety. I have a hard time sleeping just thinking about how I'm going to manage it all. Plus, the baby pushes back my estimated time line for graduation and that means living here longer.

I also have a history of post-partum depression, so that leaves me feeling quite nervous. For me, the longer I nurse the worse it gets. Hormones get all out of whack for me. I'm seriously contemplating supplementing with formula this time because of the depression.
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