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Re: My 4 year old REALLY wants to know how the baby get's out...

Ok I only skimmed through everyone comments, but personally my 5 yr old son was very curious and has a very active imagination...I checked out videos on Youtube some are graphic and some not so much...I let him watch with me the ones that were less graphic and explained about the noises some of the women were making so that when I have DS2 at home he won't be afraid if mommy gets loud...Also when ever the babies were born and started to cry and got handed to their mamas I told him how cool that was...Baby was out and glad to see it's mama...The videos I watch are almost exclusively HB Waterbirths and very mellow in general. So he's seen a few babies born from strange not terribly revealing angles. And guess what now if I'm watching a video he climbs up next to me and says "that is so cool mom" when they put baby in mama's arms...I'm sure he'll pretend play a little when I'm not looking, but it's harmless and if you want DD there with you I would suggest you show her so she doesn't get worried or shocked...
You really can't hurt them by telling them the truth in this matter. You'd be surprised by how well she'll handle it...
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