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Re: My 4 year old REALLY wants to know how the baby get's out...

Originally Posted by Malakaiii View Post
What will be really fun is when she asks how the baby got in there...
We got this question from ODS a few weeks back, and I answered him by saying God put the baby there made with lots of love, and he remembered when his younger brother was in there, so far he hasn't asked any more details.

Originally Posted by rachdavi View Post
My 4 year old son assumed that the baby will "pop out" of my belly button, so I told him the truth. Except that I'm a chicken and don't use the word "vagina," just "bottom." Kids do usually seem to do the best if you just tell them the truth. The biggest problem for us wasn't explaining how the baby is born, but where the baby comes from. He asks all the time, "Mommy, I know that God put that baby in your tummy, but HOW did he do it?" The best I've come up with is, "Well, he took a little piece of Mommy and a little piece of Daddy and put them together in Mommy's belly to make a baby." He seems satisfied with that for the time being!

I also did the chicken scenario with DS. He asked how the baby comes out, and I said kind of like how a chicken lays an egg. The baby will come out and so will the babys nest. I learned the nest part from a 4yr old little girl at a birth I attended as she watched her sister being born. She asked her mommy what the placenta, cord and stuff was, and while everyone was explaining how it functioned, she said.. "Oh it's the baby's nest".
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