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Re: My 4 year old REALLY wants to know how the baby get's out...

I'm an L&D nurse. I once had a pt tell me she told her DS the baby came out a "baby door". He of course asked to see it. So she tells him "No, only the doctor gets to see it....and sometimes Daddy" I almost wet myself trying to keep a straight face!

Keep it simple, but honest. My DD was 2 when I had my twins. She did ask how they got out and we briefly explained the c-section. She then asked if that's how she got out. I told her that she came out of my privates, that was how babies were supposed to come out. I explained the doctor had to take the babies out because her sister was feet first, and she needed to be head first to come out the right way. My DS then went on to say "Is that how I got in there? Head first?" We told God gave her to us. I was laughing so hard I think she forgot what she was asking about. She's 8 now and I just had #4. She still hasn't asked how they got in there again.
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