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Re: Interested in grinding my own grains...need some tips

I uesd get grains for flour at a local store similar to Whole Foods (when I lived in the city). They sell organic grains in bulk.

Now that I live in a rural area, I order grains from They have "drop sites" around the country and you can call their customer service dept to find if one is near you. They are sort of a co-op that you have to place a minimum of $50 an order (or pay a service charge) - it's only once a month and they carry all sorts of other organic and earth conscious products (produce, baby food, frozen food, health and beauty products, etc). I like it because I canorder a large quantity of the grains I use the most and save money, but they have smaller portions too if I just want to try something new.

If there isn't a drop site near you, I think there are other programs like it around the country. You may also check and see if local farmers grow any grains you need - they would probably offer great advice on the best way to grind and store each grain.

I grind grains with my food processor (Cuisinart- from Macy's, I think) and I grind just what I need for whatever I'm making or maybe a little bit more since a lot of grains should be refrigerated after they are ground to keep them fresh and I have limited space in my fridge. I do get the finest grind on my grains with a coffee grinder. I grind my 8 mo old sons cereal with the coffee grinder. It is a bit of a hassle because you have to do tiny batches to prevent overheating and make sure you clean the blades really well to prevent clogging, but it gets my grains really fine.

One other tip - if you buy quinoa to grind (one of my favorite to throw in breads and cereal because of the nutrition content) - make sure you know if it has it's saponin coating. I bought some that still had it and it was soooo bitter after I ground it and used it. You have to soak it off for hours!! I find it easiest to buy it presoaked with no coating

I love grinding grains - it gives me a lot of flexibility in my cooking and it really doesn't take too much time. Let me know if you have other questions!
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