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Re: Boys and hair length, what do you do?

We let our kids pick their hair styles. At age three, KJ decided he wanted a mohawk. We did it. Then he said he wanted it a different color - we dyed it for him. It was really cute! Every comment we got was about how cute he was, accept from my parents. Anyway, Aidan likes his long.. but we talked him into cutting it for summer. I don't mind him having long hair, but it gets so hot here in the summer and he's prone to sebacious(sp?) dermatitis (cradle cap) so his head gets pretty itchy. Plus, he hates letting me wash it. Torrin decided he wanted a mohawk like KJs last time.. Now they both want them off. Pretty soon we'll have three baldies!

Torrin and Daddy


KJs red mohawk (this was over a year ago..)
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