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Re: Breastfeeding Articles in NY Times

I am totally for BF !! I did BF consulting&teaching & encouraged all mothers to do it. But I know that for many it wouldn't be benificial to the mama or the babe! A mother who's hubby/family pressures her into it when she REALLY doesn't want to is going to be miserable every time her bundle of joy wants a meal. A teen mama who wants to keep her baby and stay in school realisticly isn't going to have the time or patients (or desire usually). And sadly, who will she take her frustration out on, even if it's only a "God, the brat wants to eat AGAIN?!?!" and while roughly positioning the babe to feed? A mama's stress is not only broadcasted straight to the babe, but can effect her milk volume, which causes more stress,,,a nasty little cycle. It's great that the benefits of BF are finally being put out there instead of just in the mothering magazines, but I don't agree with the approach .
Ok,,,shutting up now !
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