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Re: She's not nursing as much...

Originally Posted by kknutzen View Post
I also feel this way. I love nursing and will be so sad when DS wants to quit completely. At 12 months he is less interested during the day, but he now nurses a lot at night. I'm not bothered by it because I know the co-sleeping and night nursing won't last forever so I'm just enjoying it while I can. I also still nurse him to sleep and even though at times I thought it might be a bad idea I'm now glad I do because he still nurses at least then. In my experience there are times he's less into it and then seems to want to more so it could become more frequent again for you.
My son is almost 11 months old and this is us too! He only nurses 1-2 times during the day on average... but at night - at least 3 times! And long sessions at night too (both boobies when he is usually only a 1 boob at a time man, 30 hour sucking, etc).

I've chaled it up when he started this a couple of months ago that he s JUST too distracted during the day to nurse (when he does nurse it's just before his nap, or just after - while he's still groggy/sleepy) and there is too much to see and do and learn!! Night is quiet, dark, peacful... perfect nursing conditions if you ask me.

We part-time co-sleep now (he starts off the night in his crib, then comes to our bed after the first time he wakes).. and it seems to be working good (except on those nights he thinks its time to get up and play! LOL)

Good luck... technically weaning starts when you introduce solids so i've been dreading him quitting since he started them... YDD self-weaned at 8 1/2 months do to my crazy work schedule - thank goodness this time i'm a SAHM!

sorry for the ramble
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