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Re: Interested in grinding my own grains...need some tips

Originally Posted by swedishmaiden View Post
I have a Nutrimill as well and I love it.

And, I also buy my grains from Wheat is the only thing I grind. I use hard white wheat for my bread and white pastry wheat for pastries, muffins, and baking.
Exactly this. ^^^

Originally Posted by browneyeNYmomma View Post
I didn't realize a food processor could be used for grinding grains, I have a fairly big one that never gets used for anything, I'll have to pull it out! So it sounds like there are many types of grains you can use, I don't even know what some of the ones mentioned are! Is hard white wheat a good basic one to start with? I already make bread but only use a high-gluten white flour, I've tried whole wheat but it always seems so dry and crumbly, maybe fresh groud makes a difference or maybe I just have not found a good recipe.
One other question, how do you store the grains if you buy them in bulk?

Thanks for the advice so far! I'll have to check out azurestandard!

I like hard white for most everything. I do have soft white for cakes and things that you'd normally use pastry flour for.

I do add vital wheat gluten to my bread, it really helps it rise nice and get light and fluffy.

I buy the 50lb bags from Azure Standard and keep the majority of the bag in a big rubbermaid tub. I keep smaller amounts in an easy to access huge glass jar in my kitchen. Grains will store pretty much indefinitely as long as you make sure that bugs can't get in them.
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