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Re: Garnet Gab -July- Monthly Chat

Originally Posted by ANDREA0507 View Post
Kristie- I've already stopped using my infant carrier like a month ago but Anna's feet were all the way to the end almost then. It doesn't really matter as long as all the other things you mentioned are fine but if you think you might hurt his feet, you might want to switch. I thought you were already using a convertable?

I have a question. Those of you who buy/sell things on FSOT, what do you consider to be a reasonable offer? I mostly just sell...and lately I've been getting all kinds of low-ball offers!! Like people asking for at least $10 off your asking price. To me, when someone says they'll take offers...I usually only offer like $2-5 off (depending on the price...I wouldn't ask for $5 off of something thats $20 and will need to be shipped priority!) Am I really suppose to take these offers???
I WAS using a convertible but in Bryces hatred of the car phase i switched to the infant seat so i could hang toys on the handle to distract him with in hopes it would help him be less car hatin'. So I'm kinda afraid to switch to the convertible cause there's no place for toys... what does a guy do without his hanging toys?!?!... the answer may be scream, which nobody wants... so yeah i'm torn. ... I'm wondering if i can get something to hang toys over his convertible seat with... I dunno. I also have to bring the seat up to my parents when we visit them in both july and august so i may as well use it til after that, I'll jsut have to watch out for his feet

As for the offers- no, you're not supposed to have to accept ridiculous lowball offers. Some people just wanna see if you'll accept something ridiculous, they figure they may as well try or something. Like I've been selling something for say like- $75... someone is like oh hey, will you take $40... err no, i won't, I'd rather keep it than sell it to you for that.... sorry! I've honestly gotten some offers that were borderline insulting
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