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Re: Breastfeeding Articles in NY Times

okay, i wrote a book but somehow it didn't post.

I think the article is great, and I wish US mothers had more bfing support. Doctors don't know how to help and use outdated charts and info, and seem reluctant to refer women to lactation consultants. Until we get more support from the medical AND political venues, it's difficult for bfing to get a leg up. Canada bfing rates are GREAT--b/c they outlawed certain practices involving the formula industry. In the US, bfing initiatives have been attempted, but formula lobbyists have outweighed the advertising campaign for bfing for many years. I think it's about time we promote bfing!!!!! If we get more support (emotionally, educationally, etc) for bfing mothers, we stand a much better chance of growing healthier babies. . .and healthier mothers, too.
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