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Re: Garnet Gab -July- Monthly Chat

Originally Posted by NewYearsBaby View Post
Its pourinnnnng here- darned hurricane Andrew! I'm hoping it doesnt rain tomorrow, we're going to DHs coworker/friend party which should be fun. We'll probably go watch fireworks in Tampa on the 4th. And DH has a 4 day weekend, so excited, that has never happened!

Is anyone else's bambino getting too long in the legs for their infant seat? I know he can still use it, he's well within the weight range and his head is well below the top of it but his feet are starting to dangle off, im always afraid im going to hit them on the door frame as i carry him out to the car . Do i just have a super long baby? lol

I voted for Mr Caleb too- $1000 bucks and custard sound awesome!
Thank you! And yes, Caleb is getting long, and we have just another inch and he'll be too tall too. Guess I better start shopping for a convertible!

Originally Posted by AmberP View Post
I voted, Nicole! =)

Originally Posted by NewYearsBaby View Post

As for the offers- no, you're not supposed to have to accept ridiculous lowball offers. Some people just wanna see if you'll accept something ridiculous, they figure they may as well try or something. Like I've been selling something for say like- $75... someone is like oh hey, will you take $40... err no, i won't, I'd rather keep it than sell it to you for that.... sorry! I've honestly gotten some offers that were borderline insulting
Uhoh I wondered if I insulted a lady on Etsy earlier this week. She had a vintage cloak that I loved. My friend bought the exact same one from another vendor for $32, she had hers listed for $99. It was marked as "clearance" and she said she wasn't relisting clearance items because they were moving. So I messaged her and asked if there were going to be more markdowns, because I loved the item - she said no, but make an offer. I offered $40, she declined. I had linked the site my friend got it for less, so I hope I wasn't too insulting...
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