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Re: My name is Melanie and I am a test-aholic

to prove how bad this is for me, I have just bought strips. I got 10 of the kind that were AmandaSue got but I got them from I have seen better reviews for them than most others. I was all ready to buy some off eBay but recently a friend bought some there and they all showed up positive, even for her DH, lol, and I thought , hmm, maybe not.
At least I spent my pocket money and DH can stop making late night store runs to make sure I have a test. I didn't realize that digital tests had two lines no matter the result and that they weren't very sensitive. I mean, I KNOW I am going to test neg with the less sensitive ones and even now the ones that are as low as 20 might not show up.... 3 weeks left! I think I can restrict myself to 11 tests in 3 weeks, LMAO.

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