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Re: For those who had difficult pregnancies

If you are not already taking Omega-3 essential fatty acids (DHA and EPA), START NOW! This would be in the form of fish oils (capsules or liquid). Stay away from Cod Liver Oil while pg since it has high Vit A and you are probably already taking that in a prenatal -- too much can be toxic - it is fat soluble and doesn't just get "peed out" when taken in excess like most other vitamins.

Nordic Naturals is a decent brand. My local food co-ops carry them, but can also be found online.

This is important during pregnancy for brain growth, etc. but also afterward while breastfeeding since baby can "drain" your body in many ways, this being one of them. It seems to really help people at that 3-4 month post-partum mark when the hormones drop/go crazy (I had this problem, but didn't know to increase my Omega-3s at the time).
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