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Re: Journey to Conception group grads!

Originally Posted by Melmonkey View Post
I the last few weeks I have been very diligent with my diet since then, my after meals number are fantastic now, but fasting are still out of wack.

Today went in for my appt, and told that I need insulin at night....10 units, hopefully that will bring my fasting numbers down....ugh, hopefully this will be all I need and be done with this in 10 weeks!

It stinks but you gotta do what you gotta do right
So sorry you are going through this Mel! But love your attitude, sometimes it's not worth stressing about things, and you just do what you have to! I too got the dreaded GD diagnosis, but have so far been able to control everything with diet the last 2 weeks. And I even get to pee on sticks again! haha, but they aren't as fun as that first positive pregnancy test, thats for sure. Just another bump in the road i guess!
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