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stash + changing area NIRVANA - I'm finally there, come see!! (holy pic overload)

*update* Since this thread woke up from the dead, here's what my stash looked like a year later. It stayed that way until DD PLed (aside from the wool I keep collecting & hoarding). Now my poor fluff is forlornly waiting for another little (hypothetical) bum.

I've been drooling over everone else's stash pics for a long time, now I can finally share mine! I reached nirvana about a month ago and I'm finally getting around to showing it off. I was obsessed with getting it JUST RIGHT...oh don't look at me like that, I know I'm not the only mama on here who obsesses over her her child's stash!!

Presenting: the changing table (do you hear the choir singing or is that just in my head?! ). I did green & blue to match DD's room in case we put it in there someday, but right now it is next to our bed since she sleeps with us and that way everything is conveniently at hand.

We use a hanging pail wetbag for our diaper pail. DH attached a hook for the handle at a height that would keep it upright for easy access, but the weight of the dirty diapers rests on the floor and not the zipper.

In the drawer I keep the other hanging pail wetbag (I rotate between two), other diapering accessories, and all of DD's frequently used items. I have pre-moistened wipes folded up in the wipes container on top.

Strip of velcro on the back side for hanging up covers to air out in between uses. I stole this brilliant idea from Aidensmommalove.

top shelf: Sbish snapless fitteds and SoftBums covers

bottom shelf: SoftBums inserts, size 2 Bumboo fitteds, XS Thirsties covers & size 2 Thirsties Duo wraps, S & M Bummis swim diapers, and one lonely but super cute Guerilla Fluff OS fitted. In the back are Bumboo inserts and SoftBums doublers that I used for inserts when DD was a newborn, and now keep handy to add wherever I need a doubler.

The WOOL! XS-M longies & soakers, all Sbish except one Twee Baby.

I keep the ones that DD doesn't fit right now stored away in this box and the 3 pieces currently in rotation are just always out (being worn, washed, or drying).

Also stored away (for the next baby) are the fitteds that DD has outgrown. size 1 Bumboos, XS Sbish, and S Sbish

The little princess with a pampered bum.

When DD starts solids I'll have to change some things in our setup & add a diaper sprayer & potty pail. I also need a L swim diaper and wool in M/L & L sizes, but that's a long way off and I need to let the bank account recover. For now this has been working awesome for us and I really think I'll keep my stash like this forever! (famous last words, right?)

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