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Re: stash + changing area NIRVANA - I'm finally there, come see!! (holy pic overload)

Originally Posted by HeyJude1015 View Post
WOW. Just WOW. (And my husband though I went overboard changing the type of diapers we used all the time....hahaha!)

Joking aside though, Its beautiful mama! I love it!
LOL! Yeah, DH did get scared a few times--"why are you selling those??!" or "I thought we already had enough of these!" I had a vision of what I wanted though, down to how much of each diaper and what colors! I really like having a variety of types, you know for different outfits/weather/moods/etc. Lately we've been using mostly wool & Sbish fitteds since its so hot out. I love all those diapers for different reasons and together they meet every need.

Originally Posted by PureBliss View Post
Jeannette! That is just AWESOME!!!! Really, so beautiful! I LOVE that everything is so simple and beautiful.
I'm totally jealous!
Oh, and your SBISH air longs....
Where on earth did you score those??

Really, it is perfect, and yes, I did hear the angels singing...."ahhhhhhhhh"
I scored them off an awesome mama on here, wish I could remember who...JUST KIDDING!! Shane, I am SO excited for those. Susan is growing so fast that I think she'll fit them in another month or two. I have some incredibly cute shirts to go with them too. I'll have to send you some pics.
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