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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

Originally Posted by Janine View Post
Let me start by saying that I say this with complete respect to everyone and strictly out of curiosity. I don't mean to offend at all. I find it interesting that so many women choose to cover up only in church. I don't go to church anymore, but it seems to me that would be the one place where you could nurse uncovered. Wouldn't that be the one place where breasts aren't sexualized? I would think that in such a family-oriented place men and women would view breastfeeding as strictly feeding your child and therefore something that doesn't need hiding. I'm not trying to start anything at all and I completely respect all of you and what you have said. I'm just curious why church is a place that you prefer to cover if you feel comfortable NIP uncovered elsewhere. Can someone enlighten me?
Well first off let me start by saying I always cover or go to a seperate room, I do this for many reasons but the first and foremost is that:
Men are visually stimulated (far more than females, its how they are wired) I dont want to be a distraction or a stumbling block for them. I know that they can control their thoughts but why tempt? Besides once my kids are used to it they dont fuss.

Second of all I wish to respect my husband in ALL regards. If he was asking me to endanger my child or something like that then it would be different but I dont think covering is detrimental. Im not trying force anyone to be comfortable with something I just cant change. But I am very happy to see that bf is becoming more prevailant cover or no cover!

And as far as church goes I think its just a stigma you know like dressing up in you sunday best (with a cover) : )
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