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Feedback or Contact???

Two issues here:

Issue #1

On June 2nd, I asked a seller if the Small Swaddlebees AIOs she had listed were Mini Econappis, which I was IDSO. I had never heard of Small Swaddlebees AIOs but they seemed similar and at a great price. I made the decision that I need AIOs for my NB and since I am not finding Mini Econappis on FSOT or Spots, these will have to do. When the 11 Small Swaddlebees AIOs and they seemed used and had EBF just like she mentioned in the listing.

On June 28th, I took out the 11 Small Swaddlebees AIOs out for the first time since the day they arrived. When I was taking pictures of the inside of the Small Swaddlebees AIOs I noticed 5 of the 11 had looser leg elastic compared to the others. I was not laying them all out side by side when I originally checked them over the day they arrived with the Mutts to see that 5 of them have loose leg elastic. When I realized the different conditions in the Small Swaddlebees AIOs, it was over 20 days since purchase and arrival so I was not sure what recourse I would have but I felt that I should leave relevant, warranted and appropriate feedback since the loose leg elastics were NOT mentioned in the listing. Price may reflect condition in the seller's mind but the true condition was not conveyed in pictures or in words in her listing therefore again misleading and not fully truthful.

Issue #2:

On Wednesday June 2nd at 7:18pm EST, I purchased 10 NB Mutt Lot. I got an email from PayPal shipping at 3:08am EST on Saturday morning, June 5th, that the seller created a shipping label for 10 Mutts.

The package arrived on June 7th and I was FLOORED! The condition of these Mutts was horrid. EVERY SINGLE ONE had holes! The listing had ZERO mention of wear. It actually said all snaps and elastic are great. I contacted her and did not receive a response. I wrote her again and shortly after I did get an email apologizing and saying she would send PayPal immediately as soon as she got the babies to bed. Before I could reply, she sent another message retracting she would send a refund and told me she would refund only after having the Mutts back in her possession. I politely told her that I do not feel that is an appropriate avenue to go down given her dishonestly. She refunded me for the 10 mutts and the return shipping and I shipped them back to her.

The holes on the Mutts did affect the function since holes were near the snaps leaving it difficult to snap and unsnap without further ripping the already over bleached fabrics. Even though the lot of 10 Mutts was inexpensive, it was listed without true representation of the condition. Snaps and elastic were stated as great, which my photos prove is not true. No issues were stated in the listing. It is important to list EVERYTHING. What I expect to receive when I purchase $4 per diaper is to get EXACTLY what a listing states. Cost does not matter if the listing is dishonest, misleading or vague.

So, what if both purchases were from the same seller that became a combined transaction given they were shipped together on Saturday, June 5th? Would you contact the seller with what you found upon closer inspection of the Swaddlebees and voice your dissatisfaction? Would you just leave negative feedback without giving the seller a chance handle the matter? Would you share when contacting the seller that ideally a refund and return is beyond appropriate given a now pattern of dishonestly in their listings? After 25 days, it the choice of the seller to refund them or not but is it my right to leave appropriate feedback of the issues I recently found and were clearly not stated?

Here are VERY detailed photos of the 11 Small Swaddlebees AIOs and of the Lot of 10 Mutts

Loose Leg Elastics:

Tight Leg Elastic:

Tight elastic on the left and loose elastic on the right:

Tight elastic on the left and loose elastic on the right:


Seller's only photo for the listing:

Rips, holes and wear in detail:

Second Strawberry Shortcake Diaper:

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