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Re: what do you make for your kids school lunches?

I am so glad you wrote this. my DS is sooooo picky and i am worried next year for kindergarten and making his lunches each day also. if he had it his way he would eat a peanut butter sandwich every meal.

this summer we are taking lots of picnics to practice him opening his own lunch and eating it. i have resolved that he can eat healthy with me at home and i will go for convenience at school. one meal will not kill him. So we are starting small. every night we have been having noodles and he has to eat 5. then it increases. right now i have been able to put noodles and homemade chicken nuggets on his plate and walk away and he eats them. but only if they are hot. my friend has some soup type canisters that keep food hot till lunch for her kids and i need to find those. SO we have two days taken care of with that.

In our bento boxes we are doing these simple things

cheese, cut into shapes
plain tortillas
homemade muffins (he loves them and i hide many things in them.)
jello jigglers- boxed
an apple- (he thinks they clean his teeth, whatever works right?)
whole grain fishy crackers
cheezits- i know there bad but i cannot help it

But mine likes yogurt and mandrin oranges. I wish he liked the fresh cuties oranges but he will only eat the snack cups. like i said i am trying not to stress and am going to go for easy convenience for lunches.
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