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Re: Sooooooo tired....

I'm pretty tired, too. Generally I get up and get ds breakfast and then lay down on the couch, LOL. A lot of people agree with the iron intake. Are you taking any extra iron supplements? My OB is telling me to take 1-2 pills a day in addition to my prenatal. When they tested my iron level at my 1 hour GTT she told me it was a little low and that they might keep testing it, but to just keep on what I'm doing now.
Try the iron like you're doing - if that doesn't work then you just have to deal with it, LOL. I think it's gotten worse as time has gone on - so you might be in for more. Sorry - not fair when we already have kids but I think it's part of the deal. You can also try asking on the twin board - they might have some other ideas!
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