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Re: WHY do mamas sell items for double or more than they paid?

Originally Posted by Samantha
Maybe I am just *weird* but I always remember what brand things are and remember what I paid for them

That being said I NEVER charge more for something than what I paid.

IMHO if you get a good deal, you pass that good deal along.

Maybe the person you are talking about doesnt remember what she paid for the item and is just selling it for what the going rate for that item is?

Either way, there is a thing called Karma and it will come back to her if she is selling them for more than she paid on purpose.
Yeah that! I luv this site. I am new and CD seemed so confusing at first. This site was sooo helpful and now I am hooked big time! It stinks that some people just don't get the whole philosophy of the site!

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