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Adilyn Grace is here :)

I know it has been a while since I have been on. The hospital had this site blocked and when I got home I didscovered that I had forgotten to pay the internet bill . I am just going to c&p from my fb so here is the story.

I am going to start this a little before the actual delivery time for those who don't know. Adilyn was transverse almost the entire pregnancy. At 38 weeks she decided to turn head down (confirmed by u/s) but at 39 weeks she flipped back to transverse. A few days later I saw the mw and she suggested we try an external version. I agreed. I went in on thursday July 1st and they tried to turn her but she wouldn't budge. We all agreed that since she had just recently flipped I would go home and try some things and wait to see if she would go back head down. If she went head down I was to go into the hossy to get an abdominal belt to try and prevent her from turning again. Before I left the hospital the mw checked me and I was not quite a 1 and not effaced either. So I went home and did all kinds of funny things to try and get her to turn (gave my mom a good laugh). On Monday I could tell she was trying to turn but I was unsure of rather it was head down or butt down. When I felt her turn I started squatting trying to get her to go into my pelvis. I had already decided that even if she was frank breech I wanted to still go vaginal. Late that night I started having mild contractions and had convinced myself she was probably head down. So I went to the hospital so I could get the abdominal belt, (she would turn transverse if I sat down at all). They wanted to do some fetal monitoring so I stood the whole time. They brought in the u/s machine and we found out she was butt down but not really down. When the nurse checked me I was at a 5 and she could not feel any baby parts. We waited a little longer and the mw on call called me. At this point Adilyn had flipped completely sideways again!! I felt like even though I hated to have a csection that at this point there was not much else I could do. A baby can't come out sideways. So I consented to the csection. I freaked out a little when they numbed me so they had to give me something for the anxiety and it knocked me out. When I woke up though my husband was holding our beautiful baby girl! She was 8lbs7oz and 20.7inches long born at 4:56am tuesday july 6th. Everything looks wonderful with her, except her hearing. They said she has some fluid, which we will get checked out on the 27th.
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