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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

Originally Posted by WiggleBean View Post
Perhaps it's because I'm really tired and ran a little bit ago, but that somehow strikes me as funny. I don't actually think it should, but well...there it is. I think it's pondering the look on her face when she had to see you. At some point after being reported, she had to realize how ignorant she was....had to, right?
I am also wondering how the internship went and if anything was ever said. But I feel really bad for you. If I had been in your position, I would have been begging whoever was in charge to place me with anyone BUT her. Also, I am wondering if the breastfeeding support line that you contacted first or the LLL ever responded to the doctor's response.

Even though this is an old thread, it was new to me today and my blood boiled when I read it and I worried about whether I will face similar comments in 6 months. After all, after my son's 6-month appt this week, the doctor made a passing comment about me being "almost done breastfeeding."
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