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Re: what do you make for your kids school lunches?

thank ladies keep the suggestions coming I want to try some new foods with her before school starts. She is 5years old and just bairly weighs in at 30pounds so I really don`t want her to not eat kwim. She is kinda different also in the sence that she isn`t really into junk foods she is picky about everything if given the choice she will pick fruit over candy or chips which i am very happy about but still we just need to make sure we are getting food in her I am so worried about school and eatting around here if they don`t eat there lunch in school they can loose there break time ( they have to by law have a min of 10min but the other time can get taken away) I don`t want that to happen as I`m afraid that will just drive her further from eatting if people are making a big deal about it kwim.
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