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Re: 2nd Go at CD'ing...Flip or GroVia for 20mos old?

Originally Posted by MoeFam View Post
Thanks for the advice Mommas. Now here is my please be brutally honest question...

If I didn't make it the first time- what's the chance I will make it now? Is it easier or harder now that he is older? BGOS were awesomely easy to change- it was the amount of laundry I hated. Will the fact I am washing more inserts and less full diapers really matter?

I have two older children and we did not CD them- the ease of the disposable was well known by the time we got to number three.

Here is the question that will make the difference . . .

How often does your DC poop
??? Seriously!!!! These systems are PERFECT for a once a day pooper. I used Grobaby with my toddlers and it didn't work because they pooped like 3-4 times a day. I could never reuse the cover (hardly ever).

I'm using FLIPs with my DD - she poops once a day. It is perfect. I can reuse a cover a bunch of times. The amount of laundry (even with cding 2 kids right now) is way better and the FLIPS are so easy - no stuffing.
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