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Re: NM moms, want to get together?

I just posted a nice big intro on this board. I am still suffering w/the morning sickness but once thats over with I wouldnt mind meeting some new mama's.
I have a friend that lives nearby but she is ALWAYS busy even when she finally says shes going to slow down she finds something else.
I think it's a disease lol. Of course Ive been too sick to hang out much anyway.

This m/s has really kicked my butt, ive been on self bedrest for weeks. It's easing up but it's sneaky! It gets really old throwing up four times a day! Even on Zofran.

I have a sweet 7yo boy, so hes obviously older than the babies but he loves meeting new people, no matter their age or gender. =)
He's a really great kid and plays very well w/others.
I am hoping week 13 or 14 will be the magic week when I dont feel nauseous anymore. Ive got cabin fever! I am 12 weeks and 3 days counting!

Oh I live about 20 mins outside of Albuquerque going north towards Santa Fe.

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