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Re: I'm so disappointed... my first bad experience with Cotton Babies

Originally Posted by penny1 View Post
A couple of weeks ago, I sent in a few bum genius OS dipes under warranty due to defective velcro. I have a bunch of dipes that I purchased at the same time. They were all worn the same amount of times and treated exactly the same. All washed per manufacturer recommendations and line dried. Yet, only the few dipes I returned had failing velcro. All the other dipes still appear brand new.

Cotton Babies quickly agreed to replace the defective dipes. I just opened my package and they were clearly replaced with factory seconds! I can't believe they did this. What's the point in replacing a defective item for another defective item? If I wanted a factory second, I wouldn't have paid for a first quality diaper. I am so angry right now. I just had to vent.

Anybody else have this happen? You better bet I'll be contacting them tomorrow.
I would email them back and ask why they did that and say you want the branmd new not seconds dipe
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