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Re: Do you cover up when NIP?

The older DS gets, the less often I cover up!

FWIW, I have G cup size boobs, and even when I don't use a cover, it doesn't mean I am indiscreet. Here is what I do: loose-ish top, cami underneath. lift up top, pull down cami and nursing bra. Voila! DS usually pulls my top over most of his face, and keeps us covered that way. except for maybe latch on and off, nothing is visible.

the funny thing is, DS is simeotaneously excited by the cover (he knows by now what it means) and frustrated by it, because he is always pulling at it and trying to expose us. It has gotten to the point that unless I am in front of a male whose (comfort isn't the right word, nor is opinion, I don't know what is the right expression) I care about (family and friends) I don't cover. All others will receive an education in the ease of nursing!

I think regardless of covering or not, I love seeing mamas NIP. Either way, it is a step in the right direction for BF'ing awareness. Just like I seeing bubs with CD's on!
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