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Re: Pediatrician criticized me for nursing *their response letter*

A pediatrician did that to me as well!!! I was so outraged I wanted to cry, scream, shout and warn everyone in the waiting room of how wrong she was. My daughter was only 12 months old and I was nursing her so she'd stop screaming in their office. She was scared because everyone was so cold and acted like they hated children (in a pediatric office, go figure). I argued with the doctor though. She actually told me I was HURTING my child by nursing her past 1 year old. I told her that's not what the WHO said (World Health Organization states benefits to nursing even past 2 years old). She said I should stick with what America says. What the %&*@! Three years later and I'm still angry about it. I immediately switched offices and hated to even pay their bill for getting insulted by them for doing the best thing for my child. What is wrong with our healthcare system and what are they teaching these doctors in school! It's scary. The conversation got worse after that and we argued over a many other subject. I actually didn't return to a pediatric office for one whole year because I was so traumatized. Thank God my child is very healthy. Doctors like that actually HURT our society, mothers and children. Afterward I thought about it also, I'm supposed to start her on cow's milk at 1 yr. Wouldn't milk from the same species be healthier for her than from a cow. If she needs 16 ounces a day, why on earth can't she get it from me??
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