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Re: My first Pediatriction "interview"

Sigh, it is a sad fact that many Dr's still have this outdated awful information. The baby in the slides was probably either actually under general anesthesia or had shut down from the shock and pain (this is actually not at all uncommon with nb's). I feel sorry for any intact boys in his practice because he is probably the type who would recomend retracting at each diaper change and the second there is even the smallest hint of something wrong recomend circing. He is very wrong about the locker room thing as well. Any man I have ever talked to said you just don't look in the locker room, if you do people call you gay. Plus you are right, it is about a 50/50 split these days in most of the country, though some parts are more or less depending. I have been friends with several intact men and they never had any troubles physically or socialy from it. I think we adults make a big deal out of it because we want to find a reason why circing is necessary.

It's funny though, the pedi we use is a very very old man. He was my pediatrician as a child, and he was very old then. But he is so up to date in his research. It is amazing. He is anti-circ, pro-bf and ebf, and perfectly fine with my not vaxing. Though I can totally see him showing up at a seminar with slides. I don't think it is uncommon for pedi's not to have much opinion about diapers. Mine doesn't seem to care either way. He does get a little confused about using my new fangle pocket diapers at appts, so I just fasten them back up for him so he doesn't get too embarassed. I say shop around, you may find yourself a good one, and don't necessarily turn away from the older pedi's, some of them really are "golden oldies".
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