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Re: Sooooooo tired....

I had to take 3 iron pills a day plus my prenatal and I was still ready for bed by 9:30 am. By 4 months I felt like I was 9 months all the pressure and heaviness and everything that comes at the end. I was going to ask the doctor about it when I went in but instead I found out there were 2 so I didn't have any more questions. By the end I could barely get groceries I would get so tired and start contracting! Multiple pregancies are usually like that and the neonatologist and my doctor both said that the more women with multiples rested the further they usually carried them. Your body needs that rest and that is why it is crying out for it. Don't push it, you don't want to go into labor early. I spent a lot of time at L&D with early contractions and they couldn't stop them anymore at 34w6d so they did a c-section bc my son was on the bottom and he was sideways. Your body willl tell you what it needs so just listen.
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