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Re: Did your mom breastfeed?

My mother BF me for 9 months and my brothers for 1-2 years, despite getting grief from her mother that breastfeeding was for "poor people and gypsies" and that she shouldn't do it in public. Growing up, I remember seeing at least one aunt breastfeed too. I never even considered not breastfeeding and when I had a friend who did not breastfeed, I had to deal with my mother asking why she didn't (I still don't know her reason because she didn't tell me so I figured it was none of my business). Most of my friends breastfeed too, so I have lots of support.

MIL didn't breastfeed DH because she got severe mastitis when she tried to breastfeed her first, but she is supportive nevertheless, as is my father's mother (who had the same problem--mastitis with her first, so the rest weren't BF) and DH's grandmother, who did not breastfeed. My mother's mother came to meet my baby last month, and said nothing about my feeding choice. She just left the room when I did it.
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