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Re: How do I get ds to sleep longer?

I thought I was the only one with a babe that had to put himself to sleep in hiw OWN little bed. I tried the co-sleeping thing even as an infant and he squirmed and wiggled until I laid him in HIS bed. Totally weird. He also has never really let me rock him to sleep either. My daughter was the total opposite, so I was pretty much until I gave in to how he was. Caleb would wake up at night too (and still does occasionally but he goes right back to sleep within minutes) and I was always wondering what he needed. He was full, dry, etc. Getting him up would actually disrupt the whole sleep pattern thing. They get to expect just getting up and that develops into a hard to break pattern. I had always been a anti-pacifier person from day 1. My daughter NEVER used one. Caleb tends to be a self-soother, so this worked really great for us. He only wanted it at bed time, just long enough to fall asleep. Nursing, rocking, cuddling, all that great stuff just did not work with him. I also found keeping the room totally dark helped him to go right back to sleep too. It is weird how 2 kids in the same house can be te-totally different. This time will pass though -- I promise.
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