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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

So...I'll start.

In high school, I started feeling slightly fatigued and occasionally having panic attacks. Figured it was just "teenage-itis".

When I went to college, I "magically" lost 20 pounds while all my friends were gaining their "freshmen 15". I thought it was great, since I was getting married that summer. I was also suffering from severe fatigue and minor stomach upset from time to time (mostly after eating out). I was also starting to have more frequent panic attacks. At this time, was I surviving on mac n cheese, pizza, calzones, and ritz...

The next year, no longer in school, but married to a student, the weight loss had stopped, but I was still severely fatigued (to the point that I had to switch jobs), and started having joint pain, dental problems, was bruising easily, and having regular panic attacks. I still only really had stomach symptoms when we would go out, and we were living on mac n cheese and packaged casseroles.

My back and neck were bothering me severely, so I started seeing a chiropractor. As time went on and I mentioned to her the random things I was having problems with, she said that it sounded like I might have a food allergy, most likely to gluten or dairy, and linked together some of the symptoms I was having. GENIUS!

When she mentioned a gluten allergy, I remembered that my nephew had recently been tested for Celiac (negative), and my grandpa's wife (no relation) had it. So I started poking around, and eventually decided to try a GF diet and see what happened. 3 weeks later, I felt REMARKABLY better. 3 months later, I was a different person! I went through some other allergy testing, which mostly came back negative (but explained my oral allergy syndrome), and have stayed on the diet for about 5 years now.

In the last year, my mom and both sisters have also gone GF, and discovered that a lot of the problems they were dismissing as "normal" were really due to gluten, and we are all one big happy GF family!

We don't know if DD has a gluten sensitivity yet, but we are keeping GF (except for a couple of accidents), and will do a gluten trial with her when she's old enough to tell us if her tummy hurts, etc. We definitely want to know before she starts school, but in the mean time, it's just as easy to keep her GF (except where the church nursery is involved. Whole other story, there.)
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