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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

Here's my story

I've always had stomach issues, mood swings etc since I was a baby (apparently I was hospitalized several times with issues and they came up with weird reasons such as I was allergic to apple juice etc). So it kind of just became one of those "that's just the way she is" situations and I suffered through childhood etc. When I was 16 I was crazy...seriously crazy with the mood swings etc and my mom figured it was just the teenage angst thing. But around that time my Aunt was diagnosed as gluten intolerant and she noticed I had alot of the same issues as her. So she suggested to my mom that I should go off of gluten and see if it worked. My mom at the time knew absolutely nothing about gluten intolerances other then if I went off of wheat it would probably work. So she figured why not try the Atkins diet...yep the Atkins diet! So I went on the atkins diet and within a month or so I was a completely different person. Less mood swings, I was able to focus better, my stomach wasn't acting up as much. So we found a winner, thats when we started to do more research into gluten intolerances and Celiac's disease and how to manage it. I sent gluten free and through trial and error learned what I could and couldn't eat. I was lucky, another girl in my class had been a Celiac all her life, and my mom and her parents (her dad was our local doctor) chatted and it was pointing towards the fact I was a Celiac. I went gluten free and stayed pretty good with it, with trial and error and a few oops here and there. It was hard at first because we were in a small town in the middle of nowhere and there wasn't anything really for gluten free products. Our bakery though made the most amazing rice bread ever! (and still makes, sometimes when we are passing through I get some)

I learned how to cook and bake gluten free and well let's just say gluten free baking wasn't as easy as I thought. I'm finally able to produce some really awesome gluten free baked goodies 10 years later. When I was in college I started working in a kitchen and started to break out in rashes and have breathing issues. That's when I discovered that even handling bread and flour was bad for me. I break out in a horrible itchy rash right away.

I've been gluten free for 10 years now, sometimes I suffered and cheated for things I loved but lately that has changed because even trace amounts effect me poorly. We keep our little ones completely gluten free for their first year, which is actually pretty easy with mama being gluten free as well. DS was breastfed and formula fed (he was on nutramigen because of the history of Celiac's) and we put him on gluten after his first birthday. He was tested for Celiac's just after his 2nd birthday and it came back negative but there are several red flags that have popped up since then and we are putting him on a low-gluten diet for now and planning on getting him tested again in a couple years. DD is 17 months hasn't shown any signs or symptoms yet of being gluten intolerant or Celiac's and I'm not sure if that is because we are still breastfeeding (some studies say that breastfeeding delays the onset of Celiac's, something to do with the way it coats the digestive tract) or if its because she's free and clear. We're hoping for free and clear though we'll see once she weans.

I've learned alot about being a Celiac, and I'm constantly doing research (I'm a research junkie). I'm an asymptomatic Celaic, so I don't show some of the "classic" signs such as the weight loss, my problems are mood related, digestive related, skin and breathing related. While nursing DD I've had a crazy overactive milk supply while breastfeeding and I was told that in Europe apparently thats an indicator for them to test for Celiac's disease (not sure how credible that information is, I haven't researched the link between the two yet).

But anyways that's my rambling long story of how I came to be Gluten Free

p.s. I make some totally delicous gluten free waffles that even our friends who are gluten friendly have said taste better then anything they've ever had!
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