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Re: New to pins... help me!

The soap is a good idea. It really takes practice to get a good fit. Practice putting the pin through several layers of the prefold before if you are nervous just so you know how much pressure is needed to get it through. You might know this already but the drtiz pins have a lock feature, you have to pull the colored part up a bit before you can get them open. Someone I know thought hers were deffective because she couldn't open them

Have both pins open before you start. get one side of the diaper together , slip your fingers between the baby and the diaper or pinch the diaper up a bit so you won't poke him and with the other hand apply the pin. When you do the other side pull it really tight because it will loosen up when you let go. I usually had the pin openings pointed towards the back because DS would always pull on them when he went coverless and I was afraid he would unlock the pin.

I switched to pins for the same reason the snappis just didn't seem comfy anymore. I really liked them after I got used to it. I hope all that made some sense I am up really late tonight
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