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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

Well, if dd2 continues to sleep, I'll try to get my story done.

I've had problems with eating out as long as I can remember. If I ate out more than 2-3 meals, I'd get sick on my stomach and then spend the next day in the bathroom. At home, I ate a fairly whole foods diet, still loaded with wheat, but not the grease. We all assumed it was the grease related. Fast forward to about 4 years ago, I noticed that every time I ate out, if it wasn't a salad, I would get sick.

I had an online friend that told me it might be gluten, but I was determined that didn't make sense. I took soy out of my diet and improved some. Then dairy seemed to aggravate me. So out came dairy. I started getting better when gluten started in. I can still remember the weekend I decided to go gluten free. I literally sat on the toilet (TMI here) crying for about 3 hours. Not because I was going GF....because I was in so much pain. Going GF wasn't hard after that.

I started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet to give my body time to heal. Worked like a charm. Within weeks, I was feeling great and losing weight. Eight weeks into the diet, I found out I was pg with dd2. I wasn't sure how I would do with such a limited diet and pregnancy, since among other concerns, I'm diabetic during pregnancy. So I went back to normal eating and avoiding gluten as best I could. Then the nausea hit me. The only thing that temepered it was sourdough bread. I did my best to eat the "low gluten" gluten foods for my pregnancy and did fairly well. Of course, that just made my day. I decided that I would be able to always be "low gluten."

After dd2 was born (Feb), that all changed. Within a few weeks, I was at my worst again. I toyed around with how much gluten I could tolerate until that May, when I realized I had to give it up for good. June 1, I did just that. In August, I realized I couldn't eat dairy either. So out that went. I just celebrated my 1 year GF anniversary this past June and am coming up on my 1 year DF anniversary next month.

I'm still getting sick, but not as severly or as often. So now I'm working on getting gluten out of my life....cosmetics, handling it, etc. I really hope that does the trick. Some days are really hard, but I don't regret it for one minute. Now if I could just get a real tasting GF/DF pizza.....

And I only had to nak for the last 2 paragraphs!
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