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Re: Need Yummy Vegetarian Recipes Fast!!!

Well, if you want the "traditional" kind of meal, I would recommend using the Quorn roast or naked cutlets, a couple of side dishes, and dinner rolls. You could do mashed potatoes and gravy (or baked potatoes) with some kind of vegetable...cous cous (or rice) and broccoli rabe or spinach cooked with olive oil and garlic...whatever you like. My DH usually makes the roast for us. He does a marinade of olive oil, soy sauce, minced garlic, black pepper...I think balsamic vinegar would also work great.

Italian foods stretch really far, and you could definitely save some money with those. Maybe do lasagna, stuffed shells, veggie alfredo, or olive oil and garlic with lots of veggies...and the usual salad and fresh bread and butter or garlic bread.

It's not exactly traditional, but a stir fry or other dish served with rice would be inexpensive and feed many people. One of our favorite dinners lately is chicken stew with biscuits. We get either the Quorn cutlets or the tenders and cut them into cubes. I can give you a recipe if you'd like...this also makes great pot pies.

Whatever you decide to make, serve a great dessert afterwards. My favorite is a quick and easy chocolate timamisu. And of course, serving wine with dinner (if they drink wine) will make everything seem even better!

LMK know if you want a recipe or some links to veggie sites.
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