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My ISO list!

NO characters of any kind on anything, prefer GN for everything, but open to both ‘boy and girl’ stuff. Ds and I are both allergic to smoke, so need stuff from a smoke free home!

I REALLY REALLY prefer trades for all of this stuff!

Crafting supplies:
- Batik fabrics, any amounts! (I am making an ocean quilt, I need a lot of different blues, and can use any other colour as well!)
- wool stuffing/batting
- regular stuffing/batting
- doll making needle and curved needles
- flesh toned knit fabrics, any size
- boy/gn knit fabrics, any size, esp prints
- soaker fabric (like ZORB or something else that would work..)
- PUL, any amount/colors
- OVB (dyed or undyed)
- Velour, any colors
- wool, corduroy, and other fabrics that make good jacket outers.
- Fleece (prefer 1yd cuts but can use anything)
- Bottomweight fabric, solid colors, prefer yardage
- Try me on other fabric, esp designer stuff, and anything boy/gn
- KAM snaps (esp need red, brown, black… try me on others!)
- Interfacing, all weights
- Brother/singer embroidery machine design cards
- Fabric dye
- Ring sling rings
- Wooden rings (don’t need to be strong)
- Other sewing supplies like (bias tape, rick rack, zippers – try me on anything, etc)
- Sewing machine thread
- Sewing related books, magazines, esp Ottobre magazine! (also batik related, mini quilts…)
- buttons and other sewing notions (elastic, bias tape, velcro, etc)
- inexpensive sewing machine (prefer to trade for this as I dont NEED it, just want it!)

- xs/s summer clothing for me (esp need casual sundresses, bikinis, etc)
- 3T rompers/overalls w/out crotch snaps
- rashguard or rashguard and swim shorts sets 2T and bigger
- WAHM made or embellished boys clothes
- soft sole shoes, toddler 7 or bigger
- 2T or bigger wetsuit
- 3T/4T footie pj's, prefer knit fabric vs. fleece but try me
- cheap any size wetsuit in ‘cut up and sew something else out of it’ condition

Household stuff:
- fun cookie cutters (prefer metal ones)
- mini baking pans and other mini kitchen stuff (prefer stuff that can actually be used, but play kitchen stuff is fine too) - do not need muffin pans
- any fun kitchen stuff
- set of knives
- measuring cup set
- things that make the house smell good
- agar flakes or powder
- non-artificial food coloring
- crinkle potato cutter w/bigger 'zig zags'
- Twin size jersey knit bedding
- large cork board
- Magnetic board/paint/something I can hang up that magnets stick to

Other stuff for ds:
- wii games for 3yr old (leapfrog one would be awesome)
- leapfrog DVD/vhs (not letter factory, we have it!)
- try me on other leapfrog stuff
- twilight turtle or similar
- science and craft kits
- board games (not candyland or cooties, we have those!)
- hungry hungry hippo
- wood/natural toys
- small wind up toys
- wind up/crank powered/solar powered flashlight (any flashlight without regular batteries!)
- marble run and quadrilla accesories
- handmade dolls and doll accessories
- wooden doll house like the Melissa and doug fold and go kind or similar (any style like castle, treehouse, regular house…. Any!)

Homeschool stuff:
- pattern blocks
- balance scale
- science activity books
- any foreign language stuff (esp sign language/mandarin/Spanish/French - not DVD's though)
- try any Homeschool stuff for pre-k
- laminator plastic stuff
- kumon books
- toobs
- sea monkeys
- any preschool curriculum - prefer non-religous!

- magic school bus
- any of the books for 'peek with books'
- scholastic books
- usborne (will be picky, I have a bunch)
- anything with themes like being earth friendly, vegetarian, multicultural, different races, single parent families, different types of people, family, friends, etc…
- vegetarian kids cookbook
- books on tape/CD, kids or adult ones, ds and I both listen to them at night!
- Try me on other good quality kids books

- diva cup size 1, new or EUC (i.e. looks new)
- gift cards for wherever (picky on restaurants though, but try me)
- kid size metal water bottle.
- Natural deodorant
- Sunscreen that’s at least spf 30 w/no ‘icky’ stuff, no fragrance/artificial ingredients, and not California baby (b/c I know ds is allergic to that).. Will try any kind.
- Soap/bodywash that has no oats/dairy/artificial fragrance/artificial colour
- Toddler/child size noise canceling headphones
- Rescue remedy
- Hylands Calm Forte or Calm Forte 4Kids (or something similar)
- allergy medication for me - 'regular medicine kids ones only (adult is too strong for me!), or natural ones
- Recorder that records voice onto a tape or CD
- Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred

Big stuff:
- convertible carseat, looking for something safe, so I'm going to be VERY picky on its condition as far as safety goes. Colour/model doesn’t matter (shipping to nevada)
- learning tower or ‘knock off’ version
- wood step stool, the kind with 2 steps
- Radian XSLT cover, any colour and just need the cover not the insert/strap covers

Small stuff:
- Echinacea tea
- nettle tea
- chewable probiotics w/out diary/strawberrys/gelatin/oats/artifical anything
- magnets
- stickers (no characters)
- kids scissors (kind with one ‘hole’ bigger than the other)
- fun hole punches

- amber bracelets for me and ds that match
- hazelwood necklaces

Try me on WAHM stuff.
Also check here:

- WAHM stuff (anything sewn)
- 100% custom made Halloween costumes
- pail powder
- wipes solution cubes (made by me)
- bottle of liquid wipes solution, unscented (not made by me)
- Possibly fabric
- Toddler (2-3yr old) version of brain quest, I’ve got 2 different sets, one has the cover page ripped off.
- Diapers, mostly medium, a few OS AI2’s, one small fitted.
- Various boys clothes, most 18-24months (some of everything including shoes, swimwear, tops, bottoms, 1 piece etc)
- Tye dye ring sling
- Crochet playfood lot
- New silk bib
- Mama cloth 2 sided wetbag (its purple in photobucket link)
- Books
- Yellow enwrapture skirt
- Womens nightgown silky thing, size small
- Womens dress, size small
- Hybrid baby carrier (will only work for small mamas, the top straps aren’t super long)
- Big bag of yarn (cotton/acrylic I believe)
- Small WAHM items (not made by me) – bag, set of 2 pin cushions in small bag
Pictures of non-made-by-me stuff here:
Check my siggy for other stuff!

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