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Re: New to pins... help me!

Diane pretty much covered it. I switched to pins for the same reason- and now prefer them.

I would suggest practicing a few times on a doll/stuffed animal. It'll give you a feel of how to hold the prefold, pin, etc and boost your confidence. I put my fingers behind the pf so no sticking baby. I have stuck myself 3-4 times, but haven't in a long time (now that I'm an old pro, lol). You may find you have to pin one side, then the other, then go back and tighten the first side. Once you figure out where to pull the pf too you won't have to do that as often. shows good placement of a pin- Low to keep the thigh closed.

Fill the pin with as much fabric as possible so it won't loosen so much- and pull the fabric TIGHT. Give ds something to distract him. If he's overly squirmy just trifold and try the pins again next time.

Relax! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!
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