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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

Hi....I'm a most likely gluten free mama. My DS barely ate any food as a baby. He would only nurse. At 2 years old when he weaned he started eating but got diarrhea more often, tummy aches, and really quit growing. He went from 98 percentile to like 25 percentile in weight and height. Anyways, I took him off dairy cuz I knew it affected him, then soy milk made him REALLY sick so we took him off soy. He was still having problems though so I took him off gluten too really as a fluke. He finally started growing, sleeping at night, and etc. The dr. THEN did blood tests for allergies and celiacs but he'd been off of gluten for 3 weeks at that point. They all came back negative. We kept him off it all for over a year though, but he got back on it while we were in limbo living with family while closing on our house cuz he kept eating dough while my dad baked bread. We all tried to keep him from doing that, but he didn't seem to have any issues. NOW he is again though, so I'm going to take him to a pediatrician who deals with lots of kids with allergies and etc to get an answer. I'm hoping to get him a skin allergy test and a blood test for celiacs again (while he is on gluten) before he starts preschool this fall, cuz he has lost 1 pound in the last 7 months and grew only 1/2 an inch. I think it isn't ok but everyone else just says he is a petite boy. No....I know he needs some help. Diarrhea 1-2 times a day isn't normal. ((SIGH))

Any advice from you mamas?
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