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Re: Homemade freezer Goodies and tv dinners

We have been using Tv dinners to lose weight.. So far I am down 18 lbs & my husband is down about 5 or so. He hasnt done his weekly weigh in for today so I dont know the exact yet lol.

But we have been saving the trays our dinners come in (Normally the Lean Cuisine & Healthy Choice meals.. ) Then we eat real food over the weekend.. So I have been making extra.. and saving it in the left over trays.. wrapping with the press & seal (which I am Still trying to get the hang of lol) and wala. the kids just take the press & seal off and microwave till done.. Here are the few combos we have done so far:

Rice a roni w/ Beef & corn (all mixed up.. )
Left over mashed potatoes, mac & cheese and 1 of those Salisbury steak patties (6 for like 2.00) .. this made 6 meals of course.
mac & Cheese w/ Chicken nuggets (all my littlest will eat lol) I also put some ritz crackers in the 3rd slot for a "Desert" they froze well & I just removed them before Microwaving
Spaghetti froze well too.. SOO yummy lol.

I did buy some cake mix.. I was going to use it but never got to it (We left for our cruise right after starting all this lol) But they say to make it up as box tells you.. then poor in the divided plate.. when you microwave it cooks. I havent tried it yet so I am not sure about how long to cook it for. But I would only suggest filling it up about 1/2 way just so it doesnt poof over the plate.. then again, that might be a cool effect lol.

Hope this helps! I am off to try & figure out how to make a cheap pizza for the kids.. Thought about doing maybe mini bagel pizzas.. or english muffins? Not sure which would microwave well.. Then again, cheaper route would probably be to get the pizza rolls.. divide into the trays so they each have some.. maybe put some corn with it.. or mac & cheese??
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