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Re: Nursing while PG

Mostly all I can offer you is hugs. DJ was 15 months and very attached to "his boobies" when I found out I was pregnant. I was determined not to cut him off but nursing was EXCRUCIATING for me. I tried to compromise by "encouraging" him to limit the frequency and duration of his nursing sessions. I never flat out told him no, but I would tell him that the boobies don't feel good so you can do it for a few minutes and then we're going to....whatever. Or that the boobies had gone night night and he could have more in the morning. There were times when he was not happy and there were times when I was not happy, but overall, it was a lot easier than I expected. I'm pretty sure my milk was drying up too...I wasn't able to express much if anything and I rarely felt a letdown anymore. Around the end of January, when I was just about 3.5 months pregnant, he stopped asking every day. Usually he would ask either at bedtime or first thing in the morning. Then he went a few days without asking. When he went a whole week without it, I made the executive decision that we were done! He did ask again, but I just told him the boobies were all gone and offered him some milk in his big-boy dinosaur cup and he went for it. He was about 19 months then. For a few days, he started asking a lot again but I think it was just testing his limits because he never got the least bit upset when I said no. After a while, once I was sure that he was done, we started talking about the fact that boobies are for babies and DJ is a big boy now. I'm hoping that will make it a little easier on him when the new baby starts getting his boobies!

By the way, we did continue cosleeping even through fact we're still cosleeping and that hasn't been a problem. I did start wearing nightgowns that were less nursing-friendly to discourage any sneaky nighttime nursing and for a while, I tried not to take baths with DJ or change in front of him...out of sight, out of mind, you know? Now, I don't worry about any of it. If he sees a breast, he'll say something like "Boobies for babies!"

I did find some very helpful information on nursing during pregnancy and tandem nursing at and

Hope this helps!
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