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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

Hi mamas,
Until I discovered my son's sensitivity to gluten and soy shortly before he turned 2, he had never had regular solid poops. He also threw up, not just spit up, a LOT as a baby while I was nursing him but since he was growing, no one mentioned to me that he might have a sensitivity to something I was eating. I feel so guilty. Why could I have not figured that out on my own?

I was amazed to see how quickly his digestive issues could resolve if I stuck to a good GF/SF diet for him. I would like to cut back on dairy as well but his sensitivity to soy is much worse than dairy (found this out trying to give him soy milk which made his symptoms much worse and then switching back to cow's milk which helped). Here is a good, pretty comprehensive GF/CF/SF site related to ASD:

They have information about getting started, staying on a budget, eating healthy, recipes/menu planning, and why it can be helpful for kids with ASD and digestive issues (I think it would be helpful to anyone though).

Thanks for starting this thread!!
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