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Re: Gluten Free Mamas, UNITE!

Not trying to hijack this thread, but since you all are very knowledgeable about gluten, can I ask some questions????

Here's my story, tell me what you think:

I began with some "shocking" type feelings in my back. This was something I thought were due to my hardware (inserted due to scioliosis in 2001). It was off and on and I would get periodic cortisone shots and it would disappear for a while. No biggie, just annoying.

Fast forward to 2008, and before I was pregnant with my twins, I was having non-specific stomach issues (alternating diarrhea/constipation and pain). I soon found out I was pregnant, so thought it might just have been due to that.

Of course, my pregnancy was painful and difficult...again, I dismissed it to having twins. I developed pre-eclampsia, PUPPS and was on bedrest for the last several months.

Following the birth of my boys, I have some heavy, pulsing sensations in my hands and feet. I also had severe back/neck pain and a very tight, aching in my neck/shoulders. And, again, the "shocking" sensation returned. I asked my OB if it might be from the pre-eclampsia and she said no. I also began losing weight VERY quickly. I had been 215 lbs. when I became pregnant, gained 70 pounds during my pregnancy, and within 7 months of my boys being born, I had lost all of my baby weight, plus an additional 75 pounds (I currently weight 140 lbs.). I went to my family doctor and had my thyroid checked, etc. and he said it was just "stress" and maybe fibromyalgia. While, I agree, I am under stress, my body has never reacted this way to stress and it just didn't seem like that could be all that was going on.

So, I went back to my spinal doctor (who had put in the hardware in 2001) and he ran some tests and thought I might have spinal cord interference. He removed the hardware in April and I continued to have the shocking sensations in my back, and then they also began in my hips. He referred me to a rheumotologist who ran blood tests for auto-immune diseases like lupus, MS, rheumatoid arthritis, etc...just heard from him today and all were negative. He suggested I get my hormone levels checked by my OB.

Some other symptoms: very dry skin on my fingers/knuckles that cracks and bleeds; alternating diarrhea/constipation; headaches (dull and achy); tight, tense, painful neck; shocking sensations in various points of back/hips; sores in my mouth (tongue mostly); foggy headed; forgetful; "pulsing" in my stomach (typically after eating); numbness/tingling in hands and feet; severe sensitivity to hot and cold in my hands/feet; unexplained weightloss; generalized pain/achiness (especially in back and joints)

Again, so sorry to hijack this thread and for this being a novel ...but does any of this sound like celiac or gluten intolerance??? My BIL is celiac and I just know that something else is going on with me and am willing to try just about anything I can to figure it out! I know the range of symptoms in celiacs can vary significantly...but what do you mamas think?
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